Those who know me, know I LOVE to travel! In the last three years I’ve made it a priority to take my family on adventures, see the sites, and travel abroad. Initially, I struggled to see how traveling the world was possible for me. It seemed like a LOT of planning and A LOT of money - many overwhelming puzzle pieces that needed to be figured out and placed together just right for it to work. But, what I discovered is that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought and it’s now become second nature to me. And I discovered that I am passionate about supporting others who may be in the boat I was in by making their travel planning easy and fun! 

  • Find DEALS! I have never paid more than $500 RT to fly abroad and I don’t use miles, etc. I have decided that milage programs don’t serve my needs, but I can certainly help you with yours if you are interested! 

  • Navigating feelings of overwhelm when trip planning

  • Designing your dream adventure!

  • Making travel accessible to folks of all income brackets and social status

  • Book your flights & lodging

FINANCIAL AND BUSINESS CONSULTING: $100/HR for the first session, subsequent sessions $50/30 minutes

After offering financial counseling to numerous friends and solo entrepreneurs I decided it was time to make this gift available to the public! I’m specifically skilled at sharing budget/debt management skills for individuals and solo entrepreneurs. Financial literacy is something I feel so strongly about as a person who grew up with a single mom in a working class family. I continue to see many people around me struggle to manage the funds they have and make the most out of them. If this sounds like you, let me help! 

  • Learn to LOVE your taxes

  • Run your own business and keep your money

  • Create a budget that includes saving, paying debt and still have fun!

  • Support navigating bureaucratic money systems


Schedule a 15 minute call to see if consulting is a good fit for you!

**Sliding scale options available for trans individuals & BIPOC.