• FREE Consultation:

Schedule a phone call with Polly to discuss your goals, history and see what kind of coaching might be a good fit! 

  • Individual Coaching Sessions: 50 minutes - $75

Personal training sessions catered especially to you to meet your goals and needs. 

  • Distance Coaching: Prices vary based on commitment level (example: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months)

Distance coaching is a great fit for people who like to train on their own and are seeking more direction. After our initial consultation via phone or video call, I design a program that is suited for you and your goals and you execute the program on your own schedule. We have weekly video calls and check-ins to monitor your training and address any technique issues. 

  • One on One Russian Kettlebell Training Sessions: 50 minutes - $75

Build incredible strength and get your heart pumping with Russian Kettlebell Training! We start with the foundation movements: a solid deadlift, squat, kettlebell swing and turkish get-up and advance from there to presses and more ballistics . If you don't love the kettlebell yet, you will very soon!

I came to Polly looking to build strength as a way of addressing and preventing repetitive stress injuries. I have worked with her both one on one and in group settings, and found both extremely helpful. She is attentive and encouraging, and provides useful information that is in line with my physical goals. She has helped me be more aware of how I use my body, and in the several months we have been working together, I have gotten stronger, had a reduction in pain and irritation in old injuries, and felt the early warning signs of new ones diminish.

In general, I am extremely skeptical of the fitness industry. But in Polly I have found a way to get what I need for my body without compromising my values or sense of self worth. I trust her to help me with my agenda and not attempt to sell me on ways of engaging with my body that are not in line with who I am and what I want. It is a joy to be in her classes with people of all body types and abilities and experience a loving, joyful environment in which we all engage our strength and vitality while being exactly who we already are.
— Maeanna Welti, Olympia, WA

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